Bioshock: Infinite Trailer Released

Heavy on the Americana and tasty looking

It’s the trailer that is taking the interwebz by storm.  Yes, the news of the Bioshock game is still sinking in and here at GLHQ, we can’t quite bring ourselves to stop watching it, but then, you can hardly blame us.

Shunning the drowned city of Rapture and its ocean environs, Bioshock: Infinite takes to the skies, thrusting the player into the lofty cityscape of Columbia in search of a woman named Elizabeth who is apparently central to the conflict in the city.

In a chat with Gamasutra, Irrational Games explains why the new setting is literally, somewhere beyond the sea:

“We always thought BioShock was bigger than the city of Rapture,” lead artist Shawn Robertson, who went on to say that “we knew the story we wanted to tell. Little by little, it became apparent that we didn’t have any more stories to tell in Rapture. We wanted to take the audience to a completely new place.”

The trailer is pure eye-candy, painting a rich world of neo-Victorianism, which, although hasn’t gone down the traditional Steampunk route, has instead presented a character and charm that is quite something else.  Airships, balloons, and a vast, throbbing city hang amid the azure surrounds, while heavy patriotic American overtones lend both character and simultaneously foreshadow the mood of the game.  From the all-too-brief glance that we get from the trailer, we see a world which maintains the sort of charm that the first two games had in their retro futuristic stylings, from the architecture to the propaganda, painted with a vivid and engaging palette and begging to be explored.  If waiting for the game wasn’t enough for us here at GLHQ, we’re already bickering over how incredible a limited edition box set could be of this one.

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  1. Lee says:

    This looks soooo cool :D

  2. Lorna Lorna says:

    It certainly does. :D Makes me want to get my arse in gear with the other ones now. Seriously hope they pull out a top notch box set for this one!

  3. ben says:

    i bet this one is goin to be amazin because i have completed the other 2 godnose how many times n i never get tired of them lets hope this 1 is even better

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