Deadly Premonition Gets UK Publisher

Well, the game that has divided reviewers and gamers alike will be hitting UK and PAL territories, thanks to Rising Star Games who have snagged the rights to publish it in these fair waters.  Marvelous Entertainment’s survival horror, Deadly Premonition is an open world survival horror set in a secluded rural town in the American Northwest where the player is tasked with investigating the brutal murder of a local girl.  The game has divided popular opinion, with many of the big guns such as Destructoid and IGN offering wildly differing review scores which has only served to fuel the controversy.

At last though, thanks to Rising Star, it seems that we may finally get to find out for ourselves how good or bad it really is.  Deadly Premonition will be launching in the Autumn in PAL territories for around £24.99.  Let’s just hope that it will be worth the wait…those with a nervous disposition prepare to game while watching through fingers.

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Giantbomb have been doing a full playthrough of this game:

    …and it’s pretty funny. Some hilariously bad parts – I might actually buy this game just to fully experience how bad it actually is.

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