Are Gearbox The New Nukem Devs?

Well, the greatest game that never was just refuses to roll over and take a puff of that famous cigar before expiring.  Yes, where would we be without at least a bi-monthly rumour about Duke Nukem?  Kotaku recently cranked the rumour mill back into life with news from an anonymous source about the game’s revival being placed in the hands of Borderlands developers, Gearbox.

After the demise of 3D Realms and the lawsuit from Take2 which followed, due to their failure to deliver the game in a timely manner, the rumours are growing that Gearbox have scooped up the development mantle and are silently running with it.  While the rumours spread, Gearbox have declined to comment but have intimated that the matter will be cleared up at this year’s Penny Arcade in Seattle.  So no outright denial.  Could this actually be true then?  The problem is that by the time there is some genuine truth to any Duke news, the little boy who cried wolf will have lost all his sheep or generated so much hype/apathy, that it risks suffering in a similar way to Alan Wake.  Until Kotaku’s sources are revealed as having genuine information (unlikely) or Gearbox unzip their lips, it will be just one more rumour to place on the shelf – although, that said, it is a rumour that holds no a small amount of weight and if anyone could pull this off now, Gearbox would be a good wager.

Source: Kotaku

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    please for god sake release this game already :p

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