New Borderlands DLC Details

Screw you guys, he's taking his ball and going home...

If you’ve sampled the pleasures of Moxxi’s Underdome, plundered General Knox’s Armoury, and gathered enough brains to last you a lifetime, then as a Borderlands fan with too much weaponry and not enough Skags to unload it into, the latest from Gearbox Software should make you happy.

Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution is the fourth expansion to the hit successful hybrid game and will be phase-walking onto XBLA, PSN, and the PC in September.  The new pack has players caught in the crossfire of a civil war between Hyperion Corporation’s kickin’ troops and an army of lethal Claptraps, just itching to put you down hard.  It isn’t hard to guess which four lucky souls have to sort out the mess.

If that wasn’t enough, Gearbox have introduced a character which sounds about as much fun as being trapped in a locker with Meat Popsicle – namely the eagerly awaited Ninja Assassin Claptrap.  If you want to lay down an oily beating on this stealthy bag of bolts, then you’ll have to put aside your differences with the Hyperion Corporation who, you know, have been trying to wipe you from the face of the Arid Badlands, and play nice.  The hefty payday is, of course, a welcome bonus.

“A year ago Borderlands was an untested brand that through hard work and a lot of passion, turned out to be one of the best-selling, claptastic and skagtacular games we have ever created,” said 2K president, Christoph Hartmann. “A year later, we are releasing our fourth DLC installment, Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution, which illustrates our enthusiasm for creating highly entertaining content that enhances a franchise.”

Boasting more than 20 new missions and waves of fresh meat to vapourise, including creatures that have been Claptrap-ified, such as crab-traps, rakk-traps and skag-trapps, the new add-on doesn’t stop there.  Gamers can earn an additional ten skill points and three new backpack slots will open up for that must-have weapon that you just can’t bear to leave on the valley floor beside the gently cooling bodies.

So, just when you thought that it was safe to hang up your Tediore Protector, Gearbox are thrusting you back into the action; squirrel away those pennies, clench your buttocks, and lock and load because the boys (and girl) are back in town.

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  1. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    Ok, so…. where to begin?? I want the extra three backpack slots so I don’t have to keep dumping stuff off in my locker(s) at Moxxi’s, and selling whatever is already in there JUST to make room. I also want more skill points to spend, so I can max out that last one I’d started (damn you, eleven!) and twenty brand new missions is just music to my ears.

    Now, if only I had enough time to finish the Armoury, Dr Ned’s and Moxxi’s FIRST… then I’d be happy!!

  2. Pete says:

    We can start on the remaining missions as soon as you like dood :D

    I’m all for kicking some Claptrap butt when it comes out! ;)

  3. Samuel Samuel says:

    Hey, on the bright side lads, at least now this is coming out I can finally get the Armoury DLC, at the same time, on the inevitable retail add-on disk I was waiting for.

    Haven’t played Borderlands in ages.

  4. Rook says:

    I’ll gladly play some new missions. Hopefully it’s at the early end of september and not the later end. No mention of raising the level cap which would be nice but hopefully some new decent weapons as well.

  5. [...] next piece of DLC is, of course, Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution, as reported on a while back.  Whether or not, this will be the last piece of DLC remains to be seen, however, with the news [...]

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