Harry Potter: Spells iPod Touch Compo

Harry Potter fans who have exhausted the recent Lego title and can’t wait until the next console release need not despair because the boy wizard’s adventures are heading to the iPod Touch in the form of the new Harry Potter: Spells.

The game utilises the iPod’s controls to enable the player to activate and cast spells using specific hand gestures to build up to a duelling contest.  There are over twenty spells from Rowling’s books to learn and the player can either pit their skills against the computer or a real life rival, earning house points and a global ranking on the way.

Warner Bros are running a contest on their app page where fans can enter and be in with a chance to win not only a copy of Harry Potter: Spells, but a shiny new iPod Touch to play it on.

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    Seems to be US only.

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