Fallout: New Vegas VO Cast Revealed

With Fallout fans getting itchy VATS fingers, the October release can’t come soon enough.  After being teased with screenshots and trailers for sometime now, Bethesda have finally released a list of the voice talent to be gracing the game which includes:

Yeah, we know, but he makes it look good

Ron Perlman, as the narrator
Matthew Perry
Wayne Newton
William Sadler
Zach Levi
Felicia Day
Michael Dorn
Kris Kristofferson
Danny Trejo
John Doman
Rene Auberjonois

All we can say here at GLHQ is that we were sold at Ron Perlman.  Just when we thought that we couldn’t possibly look forward to the game any more than we already are, they stick in Ron Perlman and Kris Kristofferson along with two DS9 actors.  Sold.  Again.

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