EA Hit With Massive Lawsuit

Another day, another lawsuit in the gaming world, though this time, Nintendo aren’t at the thick of the action but, rather, EA.  The publishing giant is being sued by around 6000, yes, that’s 6000 retired NFL players after EA used their likenesses in ‘Madden NFL ’09′ in an unlawful manner.  Rather than pay out license fees to the retired stars, the former players are claiming that EA simply used their stats and details but altered their names and uniform numbers as a crafty workaround.

“The only significant detail that EA changes from the real-life retired NFL players is their jersey number,” reads the suit. “Despite EA’s ‘scrambling’ of the retired NFL players’ numbers, the games are designed so that consumers of the Madden NFL video game franchise will have no difficulty identifying who the ‘historic’ players are.”

Why EA would do something so obvious to save a few quid is bewildering since, last we checked, they were worth a bob or two.  Slapped wrists all around then and we look forward to shamelessly following all the drama before EA inevitably settle out of court.

Source: IGN

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