Government To Review Tax Breaks

It was the best flag pic we could find. Honest.

The UK tax break row doesn’t seem to ever quite run out of steam, however, it seems as though there may well be a light at the end of the tunnel, with the government now promising a review of its discarded plans for industry tax relief at the end of the year.  This should come as some relief for developers who not only had to put up with the new coalition government reneging on their promises, but also, the circling vultures of the Canadian gaming industry who seem to be thoroughly enjoying the UK developers’ plight while seeking to entice them to pack up and head across the Atlantic.

Just a few weeks previously, UK devs were outraged when, at the Game Horizon Conference in Newcastle, they were given mock Canadian passports, which listed the benefits of jumping the UK ship and making the most of the heady 40% tax relief available to our Canuck cousins.  With other countries shamelessly (and hilariously – come on, it was ingenious) trying to pilfer the UK’s talent, perhaps it will encourage the government to throw us a bone.  After all, those violent video games the media loves to hate are helping keep the economy afloat.

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