PC Zone Folds With Issue 225

End of an era...sad times

With issue 225 of PC Zone promising to be last, another bastion of the gaming press lays down its arms in the battle with electronic media and slips quietly into the night after seventeen years.  With the announcement that issue 225 will be a grand finale and fitting end to the magazine’s life, the PC Zone staff have issued an call to their readers who want the chance to appear in the mag:

“So this is an open call to everybody: readers, developers, forumites, publishers, people who wrote threatening letters to Mr Cursor… if you have memories of PC Zone then we want to hear them, and we’ll make every effort to get them in the final issue. Even the rude ones, although we might make fun of them in the process.  Send us your thoughts to pczone@futurenet.co.uk – and if you’ve got a favourite moment or article, say what it is and we’ll try and dig it out of the archives and include it. “

They promise to do their best to fit in everyone as they go out in style, so if you’re a PC Zone fan and want to stand with them for their last hurrah, then message them at pczone@futurenet.co.uk  or jump onto the forum.

The last issue of PC Zone is due to go on sale 2 September 2010.  Sad times indeed.

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  1. Ben Ben says:

    “Bugger” – that is all :(

    Was my first magazine I ever bought with my pocket money when I was growing up, good memories of it.

  2. Samuel The Preacher says:

    Well, shit. That’s the second gaming mag I can no longer look forward to then…

    I used to get Official Nintendo Magazine, until they changed all their staff and format a couple of years ago when the Gamecube was replaced by the Wii, and the magazine subsequently turned into something I didn’t much care for. And now PC Zone is vanishing entirely.

    End of an era, for them, and for me, because it means now I won’t be getting any gaming magazines any more. The only other subscriptions I have still publishing are PC Utilities and Astronomy. I won’t include The Times since it’s a newspaper. Printed media seems to be going slowly but surely down the crapper.

    Come to think of it, it’s the third gaming magazine from my past to wind up no longer coming through my letter box. I used to get the SEGA official magazine back in the day. At least that only stopped because SEGA went belly up as a console maker… PC gaming is still a major part of the industry.

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