Stellar Dawn MMO Takes Off In 2011

MMO lovers looking to move on from their current relationship, or sample the wares of a new love, may find solace in the arms of a new Sci-Fi MMO game, Stellar Dawn.  The new MMO on the planetary block is to be released in 2011 by Jagex Games Studio and promises ‘deep and compelling science fiction storylines and a variety of game styles’.

Players, as expected, will have the opportunity to explore vast (and, no doubt, strange) new worlds while delving into the substantial stories on offer.

“The team has deftly blended art, content and technology to provide the entertaining, long-term game appeal that we have become famous for.”  enthuses Jagex CEO, Mark Gerhard. “Stellar Dawn will be Jagex’s biggest release to date and everyone at the studio is absolutely electric with excitement as we enter the final stages of development”

What is notable is that even players with a fussy net connection will be able to take part, thanks largely to Jagex’s proprietary online-games platform. Better still, a large portion of the game will be free-to-play, meaning that interstellar explorers and world-busting futuristic overlords won’t have to splash out too many hard earned credits to sample Stellar Dawn’s goodies.

More on the game can be found on the official site

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