Alan Wake DLC – More Details

*Warning,  game spoilers – please consider avoiding  if you haven’t yet played Alan Wake*

Talking to about the upcoming Alan Wake DLC, The Signal, Remedy’s Oskari Hakkinen has given away a few more hints about what gamers can expect from the new content.

According to Hakkinen, the DLC picks up where the game left off, with Wake trapped in the dark place, sinking deeper into his head and in Hakkinen’s words ‘going a bit insane’.  As a coping mechanism, Wake creates an imaginary friend, and who better to keep him company on his lonely flight through the darkness but his best friend and agent, fan favourite, Barry Wheeler – something which should provide our grumpy bestseller with a touch of comic companionship.  Perhaps even better news, if, like some of us here at GLHQ, you are a Thomas Zane fan, is that our tragic poet, Tom, according to Hakkinen, will be playing a big and very important role in the DLC, (and presumably not just in this installment).

If that wasn’t enough to have fans of the story driven game salivating at the thought of the July 27th release date, then the news about a new gameplay mechanic, and the idea of words changing how things work out being expanded further (perhaps meaning the interesting mechanic in the game’s closing moments where the torch brings words to life), should about do it.  Hakkinen also makes mention of Bright Falls being a twisted, broken, dark place, completely taken over by the darkness in this DLC.  Whether this is in the context of the dark world of the lake that Wake is now trapped in, or whether this is actually the ‘real world’ fate of Bright Falls, remains to be seen, however, the former is perhaps the best and most logical bet.  Regardless, it can’t come soon enough for us.

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