Fable 3 Combat Trailer

A new Fable 3 gameplay trailer for Molyneux’s upcoming non-RPG title has popped up online, showing a hero battling a pack of wolves with a combination of magic, blade, and rifle.  From the brief glimpse we got, the environment looks beautiful, with falling snow dusting the landscape, but aside from that, it appears pretty much the same as Fable 2, not that that is especially a bad thing.  What piqued our interest here at GLHQ though, was the fact that at the end, we actually get more of a glimpse at how the new interaction system will work, with the hero picking up the little girl and then walking off holding her hand.

Molyneux has been keen to talk up the new touch system – the game’s new social interactions, whereby you can physically interact with an NPC and have them react to what you do.  Try to drag a tramp off to a work factory for example, and he’ll struggle and pull back, as will your daughter if you try and slope off to the pub against your spouse’s wishes.

So far, so pretty.  Forget the combat, we’re loving the snow.

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