Develop in Brighton 13th-15th July

Some interesting topics up for discussion this year

The fifth Develop Conference will be taking place this year in Brighton from 13th – 15th July and there looks to be not only a big turnout of some of the leading developers and names in gaming, but a lively agenda.  Customarily attracting around 1200 game developers from over 20 different territories, the Develop Conference has fast established itself as one of the leading European conferences in the gaming industry calendar.

“With the launch of new technologies, the rapid rise of new formats and the increasing diversity of new methods of development, sales and distribution, Europe no longer has a ‘traditional’ games industry as such, that’s why this year’s Develop in Brighton Conference looks way beyond ‘traditional’ gaming to offer our most varied content and extensive networking social calendar to date,” said event director Andy Lane.

Topics scheduled in include issues such as motion and remote control gaming, ‘freemium’ content; 3D gaming, how to develop for mobile and online, how to grow your user base, understanding how players play games, how to survive without tax credits, how to get more from the media, and why game sequels are better than film sequels…well, one of our writers actually touched on that subject themselves recently, so it isn’t just us who think games have a lot to be proud of in that respect!

With the 2010 Special Address being delivered by MP Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, it seems likely that the recent blow to UK game development, in the controversial withdrawal of the tax relief proposals, will be touched on.  Other keynotes will include George Andreas, creative director of Rare, and Secret of Monkey Island legend Tim Schafer, now founder and president of Double Fine Productions who are responsible for the critically acclaimed Psychonauts and Jack Black-alicious, Brutal Legend.

Interested?  Well, you’d best be flush, because, being an industry event, a three day pass will set you back a princely £645.00.  Ouch.

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