New City of Heroes Expansion

The biggest expansion to the wildly popular City of Heroes MMO since City of Villains was released is due to swoop into shops on 17th August.  Titled ‘City of Heroes Going Rogue’, the new expansion presents moral decisions which can change not only the fate of the player’s character, but the world around them, ultimately affecting the their overall gameplay experience.

Not content with the introduction the impressive new gameplay mechanics, Paragon have more up their sleeve:

“Going Rogue offers players the stunning alternative world of Praetoria to explore, with new zones, missions and villain groups to battle. Furthermore, starting players will have 20 levels of new content to explore as they work for or against the tyrannical forces of Emperor Cole.”

So MMO superhero/villain fans who were considering hanging up their tights can rest assured that more content is on the way – content which if delivers as promised, will offer an impressive depth with its game shaping moral choices.

Going Rogue is available to pre-purchase now from NCsoft and select partners for £17.99 and grants instant access to multiple power sets leading up to the release.

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