MS Drag Their Heels Over Alan Wake 2

If Microsoft’s lacklustre E3 showing was bewildering to some, then their recent radio silence on the subject of a sequel to Alan Wake (reviewed here) is downright baffling.  According to Remedy boss, Oskari Hakkinen, the sequel still hasn’t been confirmed, despite Microsoft being happy with the first game.

In an interview with IGN, he talks of Microsoft’s keeness to further milk Alan Wake with more DLC:

“Microsoft are interested are throwing the idea around of more episodes, but you know the size of our studio. We’re a small team. We wouldn’t really be able — if we were to confirm a sequel at some point, which we’d like to do relatively soon.”

With three DLC episodes already planned, we would have thought Microsoft would have been more than happy to let that be enough and give the sequel the greenlight, after all, Oskari Hakkinen has intimated that they had originally only planned for two DLC episodes which would act as a bridge between the first game and the sequel – or season two as it is referred to.

“The game is kind of season one, it’s the complete story but it continues into two DLCs that will bridge to the potential season two. These allow us to go a little bit crazy with the game mechanics and with the fiction as well.”

Has someone at Microsoft been taken?  With the success of the first game and the structure in place, not to mention story set up for a number of ‘seasons’ and even prequels, MS’s silence is odd and, frankly, a touch worrying if not frustrating.  With Remedy clearly impatient to begin developing Alan Wake 2, it would be helpful if MS could stop holding the small studio back with hints for new DLC and give them their head once more – they’ve already proved they can produce the goods… not to mention that they promise a quicker cycle with the follow ups ;)

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