Armada 2526 Docking Soon

Strategy isn’t just reserved for the founding fathers and leaders of the Civilization games…in space, no one can hear your dice roll and for those who like their games to be more space age, then the release of Armada 2526 should make more than a few gamers happy.

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Shining Pixel Studios (lead by Bob Smith, known from the Total War series) have announced that their deep hybrid ‘4x’ space strategy game for PC ‘Armada 2526’ is preparing for its UK launch on June 25.

Armada 2526 continues the tradition of ‘space opera’ games as the player guides their race from its first, tentative interstellar journeys, gradually building up towards becoming a galactic might to be reckoned with.  Along the way they’ll explore the galaxy, research, trade and engage in diplomacy, discover new colonies and of course, engage in epic battles with vast fleets at their command.

According to Iceberg:

Armada 2526 contains twelve different races. Leading up to the UK release, Iceberg Interactive will reveal interesting information, specifics, characteristics and weapons of each individual race on a daily basis. This handy information helps the players prepare themselves for trading with the different races and spotting weaknesses and strengths in order to achieve the ultimate goal of galactic dominance.  These useful tips and tricks can be found at the Iceberg website, along with cool competitions and prizes.

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  1. Samuel The Preacher says:

    Yes, please. Very yes.

    I doubt it will bring me as much joy as say, a new Galactic Civilisations, but it still looks pretty awesome.

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