Yakuza 4 Heading for Western Shores

In an announcement certain to delight Yakuza fans, Sega have today announced that Yakuza 4 will be released outside of Japan…the bad news, however, is that fans of the series will have to wait until next Spring to get their hands on it.

Coming to Yakuza’s traditional home of the PS3, the fourth installment will feature three other playable characters beside Kiryu Kazuma, all of whom, according to Sega’s blog, will have their own backstories and interweaving plots for a richer story and gameplay experience.

Sega have also announced the opportunity for news hungry fans to put questions to Producer Toshihiro Nagoshi:

“…the man synonymous with the Yakuza series, Producer Toshihiro Nagoshi himself has agreed to allow YOU the opportunity to quiz him on one of Japan’s most successful game series. So do you have something you’d like to ask the real boss of the Yakuza series about the history, characters or maybe the inspirations behind the series?”

Simply, write your question in the comment section of the Sega Blog HERE and it could end up being one of those chosen to be answered after E3.

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