Farmville To Hit iPhone

If Farmville spewing itself over the Facebook statuses of everyone’s friends, family, and frienemies wasn’t enough to either drive people into paroxysms of delight/insane rage (delete as applicable), Zynga have gone a step further.  Their gargantuan hit farm sim is coming to the iPhone, having just been announced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, just in time for the game’s first anniversary.

The iPhone syncs with users’ Facebook farms which will come as a relief for those who have cultivated massive experience levels, negating fears about starting from scratch.

“Say goodbye to withering crops, we now have push notifications!” said Mark Pincus from Zynga, meaning that if a player errs on the side of forgetfulness, their farm won’t go to rack and ruin, with reminders about crops, milking cows, and gifts from friends.

Farmville, currently played by over 70 million active users will reportedly support in-app purchases – the success of iPhone’s app marketplace makes the ease of Farmville’s microtransactions a seemingly perfect fit for the platform.  So for those dedicated farmers, unable to tear themselves away from ploughing, fertilising, gathering eggs, and buying decorations, a portable version of Farmville is undoubtedly a dream come true.

If it turns out to be the hit that we fully expect it to, then expect Mafia Wars and others to follow close behind it.

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