BadHed for ‘extreme flash games’

If fiddling around with an iphone at work, playing Scrabble doesn’t satiate your gaming desires, then the launch of a brand new gaming portal called BadHed may suffice.  This ‘blood and gore’ portal for ‘extreme flash games’ targets the hardcore gaming market and is brought to us by Zattikka who are chasing ‘gamers with attitude’.  That’ll be most of them then.

With a weird mix of offerings, including ‘Cubikill’, where you take part in a workplace meltdown and the hilariously named ‘Shoot the Bastards’ in which, to quote the game, you ‘use your sniper rifle to stop the bastards from chopping the rainforest.’

For those gamers permanently plugged into the world of trophies and achievements, Zattikka are offering a ‘Games For the Planet’ passport which gives access to various extras and perhaps more importantly, allows the player to maintain their friends list and collection of achievements…for when the Xbox just isn’t enough anymore and you need rewarded for slacking at work too.

So with  a selection of flash games offering a nice five minute diversion and Zattikka throwing friends lists and achievements into the mix for good measure, BadHed seems like an interesting place to hang out if you fancy some quick carnage instead of dealing with whinging customers and inconvenient deadlines.

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