Alien Breed Impacts With Steam

Alien Breed graphics seem to have come a long way from the Amiga days

As we mentioned previously, a few weeks back, a revamped version of Team 17′s much loved Alien Breed was seen scuttling towards a release on the PC and PS3 after Alien Breed: Evolution appeared on XBLA some time ago.  Now, for any impatient PC gamers, the wait is over and the ‘heavily expanded’ revamp of Evolution, Alien Breed: Impact, has finally hit Steam.

Alien Breed: Impact offers a combination of breakneck action and adventure which has the player attempting to survive against overwhelming odds across five vast, highly detailed, and often breathtaking environments.  Search, scavenge for weapons and ammo, loot corpses, and splurge your hard earned credits on upgrades for enough powerful weaponry to reduce a hardcore Marine to tears of joy.

As with the XBLA version, co-op is one of the lively features of the PC version of this arcade shooter/survival horror, with three specially customised maps for players to work through if they don’t fancy facing the game’s host of re-imagined and improved Alien Breed nasties alone.

Additional Steam online features such as ‘Quick Match’, ‘Create Game’, ‘Friends Lists’, voice chat, leaderboards, and co-op achievements, mean that if you use Steam and have been craving a chance to stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen in order to kick some alien arse, then you’ll not be left in the cold any longer.

Alien Breed: Impact retails on Steam at £12.99 and can be puchased and demoed here:

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