Bethesda’s E3 Lineup

With E3 drawing ever closer, Bethesda have just splurged details of their lineup with promises of hands-on time with their impressive looking shooter, Brink and showcases of co-op RPG Hunted and Fallout: New Vegas, along with a new FPS from id called Rage.

While many fans will be on the edge of their seats, crossing fingers, toes, and other extremities that this will be the year when Elder Scrolls V is finally announced, they may just have to make do with the other goodies on offer.

While Bethesda may be planning the next Elder Scrolls game as a surprise announcement which will drown the internet in drool, we’ll keep the hankies on standby for the inevitable disappointment.  In the meantime, shooter and RPG fans seem pretty well served…E3 is certainly looking tastier by the minute.


Fallout: New Vegas

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