Mass Effect Heads For Hollywood

Not that we’re cynical or anything, here at the GamingLives Batcave, but we’re just surprised that it has taken the film studios this long to grab the teets of this particular, potential cash cow.

It would seem that the adaptation of games to films continues apace with no sign of enthusiasm being dampened by the disaster strewn history of similar undertakings;  the latest game to reportedly catch Hollywood’s beady eye being Mass Effect.

In addition, Heavy Rain is also destined for Tinseltown, while according to Edge online, a sequel to Hitman is already scheduled to begin shooting (no pun intended) this Autumn.

Add to this, the planned film version of Uncharted and that is certainly a heavyweight list of video game franchises waiting to explode over the silver-screen in the not-too-distant future.  While gamers can be forgiven for not holding their breath, only time will tell if these latest games-to-movies can be tacked onto the long list of fails or whether sensible screenwriting, respect for the mythology, story, and characters, and decent casting (Nathan Fillion for Nathan Drake, folks – anything else would be a crime) will, for once, prevail.  Let’s just hope that in the case of Mass Effect, the studio will do more than just shove The Rock into space marine duds and expect fans to wet themselves.  Alright…so we may be a tad cynical.

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  1. Samuel The Preacher says:

    Do not want… at the very least, Mass Effect is better suited to a serial than a film. But even that would almost certainly be shit.

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