PSP2 due in 2011, touch screen?

The internet is one again rife with rumours with the PSP2 successor being at the forefront. VG247 have donned their Inspector Gadget style hats and have unearthed some juicy details, although sadly if sources are to be believed then there’ll be no E3 reveal, which I guess would mean Tokyo Games Show being the prime locale to unveil it to the world.

Details of the report are that the PSP2 will have two cameras, one front and one backward facing, It will also have a touch screen but will keep the physical buttons.

Power is something that it won’t be lacking as apparently it is being based on a four core cell CPU, in comparison the PS3 uses eight cores in its version of cell.

Silly season is in full swing folks.

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  1. Rook says:

    I hardly use my PSP and have wanted the PSP Go but it seems an iPod Touch is the better option, and it already has a touchscreen. Let’s see if we get twin analog sticks this time as well.

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