Blizzcon tickets set to go on sale

Tickets for Blizzard’s annual mecca for fans are set to go on sale during the first week of June. With sales being conducted in two batches with the first taking place on the 2nd at 7pm Pacific Time and the rest being sold on the 5th at 10am Pacific Time.

Starcraft II will have already been released by the shows 22nd and 23rd October dates so expect there to be lots of Diablo III information on the table and potentially a whole host of Cataclysm stuff too, again – depending on the release date of the third expansion of World of Warcraft.

Prices for the tickets are set at $150 which is approximately £103 in old money; it may seem like a lot but rest assured they’ll be sold out within minutes with many thousands left disappointed.

If you can’t make the pilgrimage to California then worry not you’ll be able to watch the even live over the internet for only $39.95 which works out at around £27.

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