Sony to reveal PSN subscription structure

Sources close to VG247 have detailed what could be Sony’s premium service for PSN, set for an E3 release next month.

On the table is a subscription model costing no more than £50 per year, but included in that price will be one free PSN game per month, although the choice of games will only be from a pre-determined selection each month ranging from two to four, still a new game each month isn’t bad at all, more so if you’re an active PSN user already.

Most importantly, the proposed subscription model will not affect the current PSN system, as a free to use service still remains a priority.

Expect more information to follow during the build up to Sony’s E3 press conference.

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  1. Victor Victor says:

    It was always going to happen, wasn’t it? Microsoft showed that people will pay.

  2. Lee says:

    Upto £50!

  3. Ste says:

    So other than the free game per month what else are you getting? If the free service is still running along side it I dont really see the point.

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