Red Dead Redemption Exclusives on PS3

Anyone champing at the bit for the highly anticipated western action adventure, Red Dead Redemption should be excited to discover that a whole host of exclusive content was recently revealed. The sad news is that this will be included only in the PS3 release, leaving XBox 360 users gagging in the sidelines for “Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout” and the “Walton Gang Outfit”. With the earlier bombshell that the game will not be receiving a PC release, the news of the PS3 exclusive content is ensuring that more gamers are being left in the cold.

If I do say so myself, the Walton Gang Outfit makes the otherwise rugged-looking John Marston look like quite the distinguished gentleman. I certainly wouldn’t mind raising hell in the Wild West in a top hat.
Source: Gameinformer

One thing is for sure though… with Rockstar leading the way, Red Dead Redemption is sure to become a classic alongside the GTA series and the much underrated Bully.

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