Fable 3 on PC and XBox 360?

As expected, any news nuggets surrounding the upcoming Fable III release have industry tongues wagging and none moreso than the recent revelation that the box art lists the game as being exclusive to XBox 360 and Windows. While this is a step up from Fable II being an XBox exclusive, much to the dismay of PC based Fable lovers, it still leaves Mac and PS3 users out in the dark… which is only to be expected really.

If Fable III’s box art is accurate, that may help back up previous reports that the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game would be interoperable. Earlier this year, Microsoft Game Studios posted a job listing for a network programmer that would help develop “PC-specific features” and “work with the PC and 360 codebase to ensure the PC and the Xbox 360 builds can interoperate” on a “Fable 3 Project.”
Source: Kotaku

Does this also mean that Fable III will allow gamers to play online on a cross-platform basis? That remains to be seen, but it does mean that PC gamers will be able to enjoy the delights of Albion in explicit detail that the XBox would likely overlook.

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  1. Alphanerd says:

    I hope Molyneux is coming back to the PC platform permanently. I need another Dungeon!

  2. Lorna Lorna says:

    It is entirely possible, Alphanerd. Dungeon Keeper is one of my all time favourite games :)

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