Dead Space 2 To Go Multiplayer?

With the emerging news that EA are planning on a multiplayer element for their eagerly awaited sequel to the respected Dead Space, there is naturally concern among the gaming community that the solo experience will be watered down. EA have been swift to deny this, claiming that the planned mode will “…surprise and excite…”

“I think that until people see what we’re doing with the multiplayer there’s always going to be speculation and we encourage that…” Steve Papoutsis told Edge. He goes on to insist that the multiplayer element will not be a component of the single player game and that the multiplayer is being handled by a separate team with the goal of making it a unique experience.
Source: CVG

What this means for the still youthful series is anyone’s guess at this point, but with Dead Space part of the new stable of EA franchises, introduced, along with Mirror’s Edge, back in late 2008, EA will be keen to get it right. While shoehorning a multiplayer experience into games which are very much single player oriented is a frustrating and increasingly common sin, if EA get it right, then it could be something special as opposed to another space marine multiplayer mash up.

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