Bioshock 2 Competition… and the winner IS…

The lines are closed, the telethon celebrity presenters have been shoe-horned back into their cages below the stage until next year, the rolling number at the bottom of the screen has been suitably blurred to prevent idiots from calling in after the fact… to put it bluntly, the Bioshock 2 competition has now closed and we have a winner.

We were lucky enough to have Harrison Krix, propmaster extraordinaire from Volpin Props and the creator of the BEST damn Big Daddy costume we’ve ever seen, as our guest judge for the competition. This not only allowed for complete impartiality in deciding the winner, but it also meant that the criteria for judging would be more than just whatever made us laugh the most. Out of all the entries we received, some looked great; some made us laugh (thanks to Shaocong and Fiona!!); others had us staring open-mouthed in utter disbelief uttering “why??” under our breath while others literally left us speechless. At the end of the day though, there can be only one… as Sean Connery once said in that wonderful Egyptian-Castilian (ie Scottish) accent so many years ago, and so I’ll pass you over to Harrison for the result…

I have to say that this is the out-and-out winner for me. The complete opposition of scale is really what makes this solid gold. If it was just the Big Daddy, then I probably would have told the guy that he did a pretty decent job, but the fact that the little sister seriously looks like she’d kick daddy’s ass in a barfight just makes the duo more comical than anything else. I don’t know if its the angle, the guy is hunching down, or they were wearing each other’s costumes, but a 6′ little sister and a 4′ big daddy is simply unbeatable here.

Congratulations to Taynor Darn (PunkDuck)! Your Bioshock 2 Special Edition will be with you shortly!

First runner up would be this entry. This has REAL potential. If the guy made life-sized thumbtacks and used a giant baseball for the head, he could really be doing a good job at being a life-sized version of the Big Daddy doll from the Biuoshock 2 trailers.

Second runner up would be this entry. I think he has two trashcans strapped to his back, and there’s also no possible way he can see anything out of his helmet. Certainly a dangerous foe.

Harrison’s Big Daddy costume first caught our eye last year after a friend directed me to his website to show me his AER9 Laser Rifle from Fallout 3. The quality of workmanship and attention to detail on every one of his projects was incredible and I’d strongly recommend taking a look through his creations. Recently, Harrison has been commissioned to build a new Fallout 3 “AER9 Laser Rifle” for Bethesda and is currently working on a Team Fortress 2 “Force-A-Nature”. Thanks again to Harrison Krix!

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  1. Zero says:

    Congrats Punkduck!

  2. Knikitta says:


    Congratulations Duck of the Punky sort!

  3. Kat says:

    Yay Punky, well done *claps*

  4. Lorna Lorna says:

    Congrats :)

  5. Mark R MarkuzR says:

    It’s an awesome set… it’s SO heavy too, I swear there’s a Big Daddy backplate in it or something!! Well done sir, well done!

  6. Pete says:

    Cool stuff :) Well done to all the winners and thanks to Harrison Krix for his time and support! :)

  7. Ben Ben says:

    Congratumalations :)

  8. Rook says:

    Well done for the comp and Congrats to PunkDuck for winning.

  9. Punkduck says:

    Thanks lots and lots :D Hasn’t arrived just yet but I’ll be sure to send a pic of me hugging it when it does (Al-a-MarkBoss-stylee) ;)

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